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Matt Kobelski is known for his proficiency in Massachusetts real estate. As a real estate agent, a real estate attorney, and a knowledgeable resource in every aspect of real estate, his clients are his number one priority. Take some time to get to know him and he will become a helpful friend and valuable resource in many areas of expertise.


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Suffolk University

Colgate University

Who is Matt Kobelski?

  • Matt Kobelski is a lawyer, a real estate agent, an educator and sports enthusiast. Originally from Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Matt is following his dream of developing the name brand of Credentials. Matt attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence and moved on to Colgate University in New York.

    After graduating from Colgate, Matt attended the Suffolk University School of Law where he earned his JD in 2010. While pursuing his JD, Matt worked at some of the country’s premier law firms including Nixon Peabody, LLP and Wilmerhale, LLP. He took the same results-oriented drive he had in college and applied it to his work at both firms. Matt was recognized for his work and consistent desire to perform at the top levels. Throughout his early career, Matt was described by his colleagues as a workhorse.

    Although having 5 years of experience in large scale litigation, Matt decided to venture out of work at large firms and pursue a career as a real estate lawyer and broker where he can help clients pursue the American dream of purchasing a home. Matt became involved in the world of real estate in 2005 deciding to partner with Michael Armano and Michael Desousa to start Credentials. Matt has described his work in real estate as his dream job and he steps into the office everyday fired up and ready to get the best results for his clients. The world of conveyancing, contracts and clearing title is Matt’s everyday life and all of his clients have been amazed at the level of dedication he brings to his work. He makes himself available to clients 24/7 and just like the dedication he gave to his college football teammates, he spends every waking moment making sure his clients are guided and protected through every real estate transaction they face. Nothing brings Matt greater joy than seeing satisfied clients walk out of his office with a smile on their face and an expression that lets everyone know they are satisfied and feel secure in the knowledge that they received the best advice and guidance possible and achieved the results they wanted.

    Matthew Kobelski is a member of the Massachusetts and Connecticut Bar Associations and is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Massachusetts. He is a member of the Young Professionals Network of the Northeast Association of Realtors and a member of the Real Estate Bar Association, the American Land Title Association and the New England Land Title Association. Matt has also taught education courses in real estate law and is an approved Real Estate Law Instructor by the Massachusetts Department of Education. He has used that designation to teach many courses dealing with real estate law, civil litigation, office procedures, commercial law and introduction to law as a Professor of Paralegal Studies.

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What is Credentials?

  • Credentials Real Estate Group Inc. will maintain a level of passion for our work that is unparalleled in the real estate industry. Our team will always place the client's interest first and will always display enthusiasm and excitement in our conversations with clients. We will always work towards the common goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We will take on and understand that each client has unique complexities and we will treat everyone with the same respect that we treat our friends and family. We will always focus on the four cornerstones of trust, diligence, passion and responsiveness.


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